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Spiritual Frontiers Canada was officially founded in 1993 as a non-profit association, to meet the spiritual needs of a diverse group of individuals who want to explore, share and understand the human quest for spirituality. 

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Our vision - A world where all people are free to choose their own spiritual path

Hello and greetings to all evolving beings and friends. After conducting a survey last August 2015 your Management Committee decided to change our monthly Talk/Workshop format from the scheduled third Saturdays of each month at the Ottawa Citizen back to the former format of First Thursdays of each month from 7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. beginning with Thursday, September 3rd, 2015. Please tell your friends and colleagues.

We do hope to continue, depending on your response and interest, in planned SFC sessions. We exist / survive on voluntary contributions at each event.

By the way we are asking participants at our sessions to kindly bring the right change for the amount they wish to donate as we are asked by the Citizen to have a 'donations' sign placed on our new box at the entrance as donations are voluntary.

This Month's Email Message from
Dora Joseph, Program Coordinator, Treasurer, and SFC Volunteer

Listing of Upcoming Events

For full listing of all our events this year go to our Calendar page.

Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 7:15 - 9:00 pm "A Personal Look At Psychic Abilities And Channelling"
with Angela Azaria

       There will be an introduction to different psychic abilities, the opening process and learning curves of what types of experiences may/can happen. Angela will cover how to be aware, how to ask questions and how to be open to our own spiritual answers and signs. There will be some focus on how to hear and listen to our highest self. Also, there will also be a portion of the evening where Angela will channel some messages for the audience. She has factored in some time to answer questions.

Background: Angela Azaria is a spiritual guide, practitioner, teacher and messenger. Through years of self practices and modalities including meditation and Reiki, Angela started noticing she was receiving universal information and messages. She has since honed her skills to channel spirits, angels and guides while teaching others to follow their own highest wisdom and compasses. Angela's focus is to bring forth spiritual messages, to being a bridge to love, and to teaching others how to open up to their own spiritual potential and guidance.
       Angela can often be found channelling messages with the Ottawa Interfaith Spiritualist Church on Sundays 1 pm at 888 Byron Ave. in Ottawa or through her website: www.loveheals.ca and facebook page: Loveheals.ca.

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 7:15 - 9:00 pm "Introduction To Essential Oils For Our Best Choices and Benefits" with Dora-Lynn Magill, RMT
       The evening will open with Dora-Lynn relating her personal history with these essential oils and sharing her personal favourite from this year and why it is essential.
       As the universe is waiting to show our own special or best essential oil to us, we will dowse or learn some dowsing techniques to ask which oil will do the most for us.

       This will be a light-hearted evening of demonstration, sharing, discussion, individual attention, and learning. Bring a pendant for dowsing or at least a small object with string tied to it...to use as your dowsing tool. We can also use our own body to dowse.

Dora-Lynn Magill - MAGI MASSAGE www.magimassage.com

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "FEEL YOUR FLOW - FEED YOUR GLOW!"
with Julie Claire Guenette

       During this hands-on session we will harmonise our energy patterns and work together, as a group, to increase our ability to feel the flow of our energy currents and to engage with these flows by feeding them intentions and emotions that 'up' their glow. We will do this with a mixture of techniques including inner journeying, visualisations, energy work and conscious breath cycles - and we will be applying these techniques on three fronts simultaneously: the central line (spine and chakras), the center of Being (sacred heart/core star) and the auric field (subtle bodies).
       My goal is to offer you simple yet powerful ways to expand the frequency of your energy system, and hopefully show you that a new relationship setting for our multiple faculties - one of HARMONY - is not only possible but doable NOW!!!
       So come have fun with me and all the other attendees, discovering how intellect and intuition, thought and feeling, can not only transform their relationship into one of awesome allies, but hey, why not go all the way and bring it to the status of... besties! ;)
       Ever since I can remember, I've been on a path of integration and harmonization of the many dualities we get to play with as incarnated beings (head-heart, intellect-intuition, male-female). I have been blessed to find mentors that greatly helped me to heal the split within by teaching me Quantum Liberation, Shamanic Healing, Mystical Alchemy, Energy Harmonisation and more recently, Human Design. I also have deep gratitude for the decade I spent in Academia and the wisdom I gained from going all the way up to doctorate studies that ironically led me to leave that institution behind and fully devote myself to Spirit.
       My private practice is focused on my passion : Soul Expansion. I lead groups as well as individuals into deep explorations of their Inner Landscape, an energetic structure that greatly facilitates connecting to guides, angels, and other helpers, as well as reclaim all gifts, talents and powers gained from many lifetimes here on Earth. All this serves the higher purpose of awakening the memory within us of the vast galactic community we are an intrinsic part of, and the role we play as conscious beings enlightening the Universe.
       WEB SITE: JULIECLAIRE.CA Julie Claire

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "Wellness 2" with Jean-Louis Dube
A continuation of former WELLNESS 1 offered in 2017 presented and facilitated by Jean-Louis Dube, Wellness Educator Consisting of several mini treats from 5 to 10, or to 15 minutes maximum, such as:
  1. Hand reflexology warm-ups for cold and stress and health
  2. Pure laughter medicine - some exercises / techniques
  3. Identify some of your strongest virtues
  4. Planning your year's " to- do " list
  5. Participant contributions? ... yes, you can offer a mini, please help us out ( fcfs - first come, first sharing)!
  6. The three ' thumps ' from energy medicine, plus a rare bonus
  7. Some special affirmations to share with family/friends. Do you have one ?
Come with a smile, stay awhile !
" Wellness is wealth "

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)