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Spiritual Frontiers Canada was officially founded in 1993 as a non-profit association, to meet the spiritual needs of a diverse group of individuals who want to explore, share and understand the human quest for spirituality. 

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Our vision - A world where all people are free to choose their own spiritual path

Hello and greetings to all evolving beings and friends. After conducting a survey last August 2015 your Management Committee decided to change our monthly Talk/Workshop format from the scheduled third Saturdays of each month at the Ottawa Citizen back to the former format of First Thursdays of each month from 7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. beginning with Thursday, September 3rd, 2015. Please tell your friends and colleagues.

We do hope to continue, depending on your response and interest, in planned SFC sessions. We exist / survive on voluntary contributions at each event.

By the way we are asking participants at our sessions to kindly bring the right change for the amount they wish to donate as we are asked by the Citizen to have a 'donations' sign placed on our new box at the entrance as donations are voluntary.

This Month's Email Message from
Dora Joseph, Program Coordinator, Treasurer, and SFC Volunteer

Listing of Upcoming Events

For full listing of all our events this year go to our Calendar page.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at 7:15 - 9:00 pm "A Musical Evening and Singalong" with George Kokich"
       George Kokich, is a professional world class piano-accordionist who musically entertains many people on an almost daily basis, especially in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement residences. His approach is not necessarily to impress the audiences with his technical musical skills or to just play music. Instead, "EIO George" uses his own special approach to lift human spirits by playing and singing familiar "olde - tyme" music, leading happy sing-alongs, and telling humorous stories.
       During his presentation to SFC, George will share some of his most memorable heartfelt and spiritually-related experiences, and will play some of the most requested songs desired by us, and lead a sing-along for us. Please do attend if you truly want to have an enjoyable fun-filled evening. According to some beliefs, music lifts the planet's vibrational levels.
       George, always remembered as our honourable SFC Founder over 20 years ago, is a great pleasure to welcome back again to The Citizen. He advises us that he is presently working on a book about his transformative spiritual journey. Not to miss. Mark your new calendars.
       PLEASE NOTE: our evening is on the first WEDNESDAY, July 4th (and not on the usual Thursday evening, the 5th due to Bluesfest startup). ♥♥♥ Tell your friends, to come on WED., JULY 4th

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 7:15 - 9:00 pm "Exploration of Intuition Technology (IT)"
with SFC Program Director and Treasurer Dora Joseph.

       An Exploration of Intuition Technology (IT) which includes Dowsing, Energy Balance, MBTI & Heart Math with Dora Joseph, Spiritual Detective, SFC Article & Program Coordinator, SFC Treasurer, SFC Volunteer, Wellness Educator. We will present a general approach to see if we make decisions from the heart or head and how we generally manage our intuition. We will use intuition and intent for assessing energy on a partner; for assisting participants to balance energy with a partner using hands and a dowsing tool. We will check / assess the energy on a partner and then change roles. We will also try our dowsing tool on ourselves. If possible please bring a pendant or tie an item to a string for your dowsing tool.
      The participants should be willing, to some degree, to do some energy balancing and depending on each person's aptitude, to learn some of the techniques. We all have the capability and we just have to do the work. Take a chance, join us, and get to use some of your spiritual detective skills! Bring a friend.

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 7:15 - 9:00 pm "A Two-part Session. Something Very New"
with SFC President Jean-Louis Dube

Part 1: "Looking At Yourself And Others By Self - Listing"
An opportunity to try list-making as a way to self-discovery, a method of probing and creating a provocative or personal adventure into your mind, heart, body and soul. You only need to respond by listing voluntarily in written form as per requests and questions given by Jean-Louis. Are you up to it ? Just bring a notebook and a decent pen. (Required). Or, you can simply observe and listen. There likely will be some spiritual insights regarding whom you have been and, possibly, may be in the process of becoming. Be willing to just care/share/dare to maximize the session and to be able to carry ' your listed self ' homeward to further reflect upon with friends and family.

Part 2: "I Am Not Quite What I Was Expecting"
Enjoy a short exploration of your 'memoirs' in a unique way (to be explained ). It may be helpful to refer or to reflect on your results in Part 1 above for help or for 'fuel'. Take a risk in writing down some memoirs as directed ... in a light-hearted way. You can be unseriously serious, or be seriously unserious ! Option to focus on your spirituality or evolution to date (or on your gravestone). Curious ? Bring a friend.

At 8:50 p.m. if group energy warrants...in a 5 or 6 word sentence what do you consider your greatest likely accomplishment to date?

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)