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No need to register for these events, just show up and we will be there to greet you.

Hello and greetings to all evolving beings and friends. After conducting a survey last August 2015 your Management Committee decided to change our monthly Talk/Workshop format from the scheduled third Saturdays of each month at the Ottawa Citizen back to the former format of First Thursdays of each month from 7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. beginning with Thursday, September 3rd, 2015. Please tell your friends and colleagues.

We do hope to continue, depending on your response and interest, in planned SFC sessions. We exist / survive on voluntary contributions at each event.

By the way we are asking participants at our sessions to kindly bring the right change for the amount they wish to donate as we are asked by the Citizen to have a 'donations' sign placed on our new box at the entrance as donations are voluntary.


Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "SFC Xmas Party Social" with
  1. George Kokich, our SFC founder, playing his accordion and leading us in song.
  2. Charles Gregoire is back again on guitar with his wife Heidi Brault to sing some uplifting songs.
  3. Saying goodbye and thank-you to two of our long time volunteers:
    • Charles Gregoire who was our Treasurer.
      Note that Charles will carry on in his role of maintaining our Website and Facebook page.
    • Donna Lou Mowat, Volunteer Host who welcomed people at the door for many years.
  4. Sharing food, fun and friends with a few fun activities/several mini presentations, time permitting.
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "An Evening With Pete Bernard, Algonquin Medicine Man"
       SFC is so blessed to have Pete Bernard back again with his special teachings. Pete's work is to help us have a remembering of what and who we really are. "It is vibration, frequency, fire and the Medicines of The Rainbow Circle.  As we remember who we are, something inside of us awakens and brings up our "medicines" inside of ourselves."
       Algonquin Medicine Man, Shaman, Pete heads up the 8th Fire Organization. He teaches and carries out the work outlined in the 8th Fire Prophecy. People following Pete's courses have answered the call of their heart and receive traditional Teachings of Shamans or Medicine Work.
       Please see www.the8thfire.com and www.algonquinmedicineman.ca

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "Conscious Living, Conscious Aging" with Sandy Woods
Remember you start aging 'in vitro'! This talk is for all ages.

        "If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up somewhere else."

        In this talk, you will gain insight into what you can do to transform your consciousness from limitation, fear, isolation and lack to one of wholeness, inclusiveness, compassion, and joy thus, allowing you to enjoy an inner peace that transcends life's challenges. You will learn techniques to tap into your soul, your spirituality, for strength and courage to build a strong foundation of practice. Aging is being fully alive, fully human. What legacy do you want to leave? What imprint do you want to leave on earth? How do you want to be remembered? PLEASE BRING a pen and writing paper. Join me to discover some points to help you on your path of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging.
        SANDY WOODS has been a holistic teacher and practitioner for over 30 years. She combined a career in the private and public sectors with her private practice - PotentialistŠ Services. Sandy offers various workshops on human potential including intuition, creativity, healing and more. She offers private Intuitive Coaching sessions. She is also an artist, writer and storyteller. Sandy will be offering a workshop series in the Spring of 2018 on Conscious Living, Conscious Aging for more information, she can be contacted at: sandy.woods@rogers.com

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "You are a Human Angel" with Jennifer Clarke
        Jennifer Clark was Ottawa's first Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue, one of the world's top Integrated Energy Therapy - Healing With The Angels Master-Instructors and the founder of The Ottawa Soul Sista's Networking Group. She has facilitated thousands of angel readings & angel healings for children, teens and adults. She will be offering our group a live experience of healing with the angels, teach some simple angelic communication techniques and discuss her new Angelic Ascension 11-month Program. To learn more, visit her at: https://www.facebook.com/SolutionsWithJennifer

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "How can you lessen/loosen/lighten stress and anxiety"
with Jean-Louis Dube

        Here's a light approach to well-fully maximize your years ... One Day At-A-Time and practice? This session will be an adventure for all, for some it will be a partial review and for others a practical journey into new discoveries dedicated to your wellness and happiness. Some weird or challenging. Come help yourself become your own 'wellness educator' as long as you are still teachable and coachable!
        We will present in a share/ care/ dare style about 20 ideas and skills practice to more effectively manage our daily stress / anxiety. As an extra objective, you will practice to be able to help others, especially family and colleagues.
        Depending on the group's general needs we will quick-learn and try out some key techniques, points, methods and tips from across many trainings, courses, therapies: (average 5 minutes per item only). Two or three of you will be encouraged to bring and offer a 'quickie' treat or health secret/technique to share with us all (1-5 minutes). For example: from Ear reflexology, G-Jo acupressure, ImageStreaming, Reboundology, Laughter medicine, Hand acupressure, shoulder shiatsu, info on best nutrition?, Chinese eye exercises, types of stressors, Earthing research and see best equipment, EFT and its meridian connections, Tony Robbins breathing technique, Do-In technique, energy medicine sampler, natural facial workout points, the 6 -7 energy systems, HeartMath insights, reference to what's the future of happiness ?, etc.
        Depending on feedback given we can consider the 2 hour session as a Level 1. Level 2 (continuance and additional ) may be offered in the Fall or in Spring 2018 as more extensive, and broader in scope. Contributions will be welcomed to share. A Level 3 is under consideration - for wellness keeners? Wellness education is the best way to 'handle' ongoing stress and anxiety. The earlier you start the better for you. Wellness is wealth!
Presenter/facilitator: Jean-Louis Dube, Wellness Educator, teacher, natural health practitioner and therapist, SFC President, and a human 'being' who walks his talk and talks his walk !
Optional: Bonus DVD _excerpt_ may be available as post session.
Please bring: writing paper, pen for taking notes and a small towel.

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "An Uplifting Evening of Music and Humour"
with George Kokich

        SFC's founder George Kokich, is a professional piano-accordionist who musically entertains other seniors on an almost daily basis, especially in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement residences. His approach is not necessarily to impress the audiences with his technical musical skills or to just play music.  Instead, "EIO George" uses his own special approach to lift human spirits by playing and singing familiar "olde-tyme" music, leading happy sing-alongs, and telling humorous stories.
        During his talk to SFC, George will share some of his most memorable heartfelt and spiritually-related experiences, play some of the most requested songs desired by other seniors, and lead a sing-along for those in attendance.  Please do attend if you truly want to have an enjoyable fun-filled evening.

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "Therapeutic Touch or TT" with Gail Lafortune
Would you like to awaken your gifts as a healer while raising the vibration of your life? Would you like to heal parts of yourself that keeps you from moving forward in life? Then, this is an evening to join us at SFC and hear Gail's life changing story after discovering TT. Gail is a Registered Practical Nurse as well as a TT practitioner and teacher. She has been sharing her TT gift in the community for 25 years.
          Gail Lafortune RPN, TTRT
          Web site: https://www.gaillafortune.com/
          Recognized Teacher/Practitioner TTNO

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "An Evening Of Energy Medicine with An Intro To Unity Field Healing" with Dr. John Ryan
     Join Dr. John Ryan for this 2 hour presentation where we will explore what is available to you through Energy Medicine. You will discover what energy medicine really is, why this is such an incredible time on the planet, how this relates to energy medicine, and the potential of bringing a spiritual power into your healing journey and your life.
     This presentation is meant for anyone curious to discover or learn more about energy and consciousness based healing - and those who work in healing practices to support others in healing. In this up close and personal time with Dr. John - there will be a one hour presentation, a time for questions and a group meditation to catalyze your own healing journey!
     Bio: Dr. John Ryan is a physician, energy healer, speaker and visionary. His life was transformed by a series of mystical events that led him to discover the validity of a spiritual and energy-based healing paradigm - his passion. In recent years, his work has led him to the mystical threshold of the quantum basis of DNA, its integral connection to the human spirit, and the potential of this awakening knowledge to support human evolution. His goal is to bring this information "down to earth" - so everyone can benefit from the emerging knowledge available in this awakening time. He is an author ( The Missing Pill ) and founder of Unity Field Healing - a "quantum" process of conscious DNA activation.
     ( Copies of Dr. John's outstanding book will be available to see and/or to buy )
     Book: The Missing Pill - The Rise of Energy Healing and Conscious Bio-Spiritual Transformation.
For more general and specific information, please visit: www.drjohnryan.org

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "Soul Solutions For Relationships Through Integrative System Dynamics" with Linda Comeau
     New Perspectives New Solutions (NPNS) Real possibility for change begins when you discover whole system knowledge. All issues have their roots in our unconscious. Addictions, depression, anxiety, feeling not good enough, physical and mental illness, extra weight, job or relationship issues, etc. are symptoms and clues of the breakdown in our (unconscious) human system. Attempting to fix or calm oneself through conscious work such as therapy, drugs, goal setting, diets, etc. has proven not to work most of the time, certainly not to work fast enough and can be very expensive. Your conscious (5%) and unconscious (95%) have to be aligned for you to accomplish your desires.
     It is critical to recognize the need to change our relationship to our unconscious systems; however you cannot see your unconscious system because you are "in" the/your system. (It is hard to see the picture when you are in the frame.) You are at the mercy of the system if you are blind to the whole unconscious phenomena and you are likely doing needless damage to yourself, to others, to your system and to other systems.
     NPNS is advantageous because it is "out of the ordinary". Because if ordinary solutions worked you wouldn't have the problems or stress, you would be your ideal weight, very wealthy and living in a mansion with servants, on the beach in Tahiti!
     If your family has experienced disturbing issues and situations such as war, violence, genocide, tragic accidents, natural disasters, immigration, an ugly divorce, the early death of a sibling or parent, or there could be the exclusion of someone from the family, etc., then these challenging family hangovers can manifest in confusing and complex ways: physical illness, cancer, chronic pain, emotional illness, financial instability, etc. They can show up as seemingly unexplained emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, depression and/or anxiety. Often they show up as OCD or ADHD behaviours, or habits such as smoking or chewing your nails, etc. They can also show up as circumstances such as abusive situations, unemployment, broken marriages, frequent incidents or accidents, poverty mentality, etc. You are possibly not aware of them as they are in your sub-conscious. These hangovers are unintelligible and hard to describe but you sense "something" is haunting you.
        Linda Comeau 613-526-5308 or Email: linda@newperspectivesnewsolutions.com
        Facebook page: www.facebook.com/newperspectivesnewsolutions/

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "Our Spiritual Journey together" with Allan Green & Catherine Green
Unless you visit for yourself, you may suspect that I live in La La Land, only those who live on the Spiritual Frontier know that this is reality...Rumi

Allan and Catherine Green will talk about their Spiritual Journey together and give many excerpts, from his newly published book "Pastlife.allan". Allan & Catherine will share a wide spectrum of stories, experiences, tools and truths, from Angels to Aliens. Some mind blowing thought provoking revelations, and inspiring realties, that will have you walking away, in amazement of what can happen spiritually as a couple experiencing the Divine Masculine and Feminine together and as individuals. Allan has Guided Past Life & Spiritual Journey sessions for over 36 years and witnessed over 28,000 individual journeys with people. As a bonus they will share new information about what is going on at this time on Earth and in the Universe.

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "Discover Your Sacred Gifts" with Chipo Shambare
Discover Your Sacred Gifts to help you live the life you came here to live. Are you still seeking your life Purpose? Or do you need a change or are you bored with your job or life?
Doing things that don't excite or fulfill you and Letting Go of living other people's lives? Sacred Gifts are power tools you have within you that allow you to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. They are NOT skills or talents and there is a HUGE difference between using your Sacred Gifts and doing what you are skilled or talented at. Once you discover what your Sacred Gifts are you will be free to do what really makes you feel happy... a better job, better relationships, and be fulfilled once again. You will no longer have to say YES when you mean NO ... which means that you will: Chipo Shambare: Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Holistic Self-Discovery, Conscious Relationship Educator & Coach, Healing & Wellness Specialist, ThM? emphasis on Medical Intuition and Archetypes Counselling. Committed to Integrated Life, Relationships & Healing with Authentic Honesty, Congruency and Courage.
Author: "I am Good Enough for Me"  Phone: 613 699-0288   Email: info@chiposhambare.com

Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "2 or 3 Short Events" with Jean-Louis Dube
  1. To what extent are you considered 'virtuous' from a list of 100 virtues? Come, explore, share. Score yourself and gain insight into how you operate your life... Come up with a " Virtues Quotient " or measure.

  2. A short intro to "The Inner Smile " from the Tao and TCM philosophy. Practice. Take home for sharing with family and friends Possible more in a future session.

  3. Partial DVD showing and sharing short discussion on 'taking back your power'. (the smart meter issue/problem/situation). "Wellness is wealth"
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)


Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "SFC Xmas Social"
Several resources will offer a mini session/presentation/ or will facilitate from the following possibilities:

...And...an optional late session after 9 p.m. for 'students of laughter' including a partial DVD. (up to an hour or 1 1/2 hrs.) So, do come, relax, share, enjoy, create a Christmas and a Happy Holidays spirit, to carry you through the January blahs!
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "SoulScendant - Emerging From The Void" with Pete Bernard
SoulScendant is the state that the Soul achieves when it has completed its life plans, learned all there is to learn, and has taken its place in the Great Circle. It is the time before form, before the Illusion of separation and the ideologies that caused suffering. SoulScendant is a remembering of what and who we really are. It is vibration, frequency, fire and the Medicines of The Rainbow Circle. As we remember who we are, something inside of us awakens and brings up our "medicines" inside of ourselves.
Come and remember who you are with Pete Bernard (www.soulscendant.com)
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "SACRED FIRE & THE POWER OF "I AM"" with Jennifer Clark
Join us in this engaging and interactive lecture about the Sacred Fire and the power of the I AM mysteries. Each of us has an inner fire that burns within us representing our soul and our connection to Source. You will learn the true meaning of "I AM THAT I AM". Participants will also learn about the Sacred 7 - the 7 Mighty Elohim, 7 Ascended Masters and 7 Arch Angels of the 7 sacred rays represented by the rainbow and 7 main chakras to empower you to live with passion, purpose and meaning.
    Jennifer Clark is a Professional Spiritual Teacher, Assertiveness Coach and Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue. She is an Angelspeake Facilitator and one of the world's top Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructors. She is a graduate of the 8th Fire School of Shamanism and former host of Rogers 22's "Jen's Zen" television show. Learn more about her work at www.jenniferclark.ca
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "Sharing Info And Effects of EMF Radiation .... And An Intro To Earthing - Some Helpful Tools And Benefits For your Wellness Tool Box"
What is EMF all about? Do you need protection? How? Why ? Where? When? Bring your ceIl phone, iPad or laptop for helpful discussion.
    What is the 'Smart Meter' situation? Should we be concerned and more involved? Some prevention measures. Is this a time sensitive issue for everyone? Discuss and share. AND ...
......second part.....
What is Earthing ? How does it work? What are the known benefits from research. Should you be motivated?
How did a small town in Alaska take on/ adopt / promote "Earthing/ grounding" for its citizens to uplift their level of wellness and improve overall health ?
    Share and see the best ways to get grounded ( do earthing) with specific earthing tools / main book: earthing shoes, pillow case (2 types), bed blanket, couch cover, earthing mat, car seat earthing mat, shoulder/ leg/ body patches. Wiring options. Info sharing only, no selling. Join the discussion or just come and see.
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 7:15 - 9:15 pm "SFC Summer Fun-fest"
Bring your comical and spiritual stories, let's laugh it up by sharing and caring ! We are a community, are we not ? A variety of mini sessions, including Learn the Sufi dance, Intro to hugology, The 7 petitions, High level happiness sharing, Laughter meditation dance exercise, Shoulder shiatsu/acupressure, The 5 Why's, The Secret of Life Study, and Creating a 5 year and 20 year bucket list.
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 7:15 - 9 pm "A Musical Evening" with Pamela Holm RP, MTA Registered Psychotherapist, Music Therapist, and Sound Healer.
     Delving into self-expression using simple musical instruments and voices, Pamela Holm will guide you in exploring non-verbal communication in a playful way. This will be followed by vocal toning of the chakras to bring you into harmony for a good night's sleep. Bring your friends, have fun, enjoy the music, and the benefits of musical therapy!
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 7:15 - 9 pm "Explorations and Play with Happiness, Joy, and Laughter" with Dora Joseph and Jean-Louis Dubé
     We will explore the nature of happiness, and joy (joyfulness) and laughter: learn and practice many ways to help increase and maintain daily happy feelings, to be in joy, and to try out laugh therapy/ laughter exercises for our ongoing well-being. Come with a friend or two and care, share, and dare! * *Both facilitators/ presenters, Dora Joseph and Jean-Louis Dube have been involved in natural health and wellness education and various natural therapies for many years - as practitioners, teachers, facilitators, continuous learners, and as managers of Spiritual Frontiers Canada. At this session your body / mind / soul will participate in
a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g event leaving you happier, in joy, and silently or outwardly laughing and smiling. Ho ho ! It will provide take-away tools for your 'best self' toolbox!
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 7:15 - 9 pm "Listening with Stones" - with Judith Snell
     'Come and learn a simple technique - to connect with the earth beneath our feet.'
"This method comes from Visitation Merino of Spain and I am pleased to share these ideas with you. I have been working with stones for some years now. It has been a gentle and positive addition to my spiritual life that has helped me greatly on my path. We will explore the world of stones and the wisdom they offer.
     Most of us have picked up an attractive rock on our travels or on our walks from time to time. Through our evening journey we will learn to tune into this world. Our Mother Earth has much to teach and we come as students to listen. Become inspired to learn what is so lovingly offered to us ...each and every day. Much has been written lately about quantum energy and cosmic fields of consciousness. This technique brings some of those ideas closer to us in a practical way. Please bring paper and pen and a few of your favorite stones if you have any. Stones will be available to use if you do not bring any with you. PS. I do mean ' stones ' not crystals. From the humblest of objects great wisdom flows.
     You will learn and practice this technique and be ready to start your own stone journal to continue this journey on your own."
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 7:15 - 9 pm "A New Technology As A Healthy Alternative" - with Rev. Doug Henderson and Rev. Sherry Harris.
Six years ago Dr. Kathi Forti had a near death experience that resulted in her connecting with higher consciousness beings who downloaded into her the knowledge that all is mathematics and that all healing may be accomplished using numerical algorithms. They taught her how to create computer programs that translated the healing and balancing algorithms into an analog transmission that could be delivered to the client through specially created crystal wands, Selfeggio sound patterning, and algorithmic patterns that the client would simultaneously watch on a computer screen. She wrote about the process of creating this technology in her amazing book, Fractals of God. Doug Henderson, PhD, OM, ICQBT and Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW have the technology and have been amazed by the results they personally and their clients are experiencing. In their presentation they will talk more about what the technology offers, how it may be of benefit to you and will give a group demonstration so each one of you may experience it for yourself. A unique opportunity to attend.
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, March 3, 2016  from 7:15 to 9:00 pm - "Our Inner Child" with Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW RSW
Our inner child is our emotional operating system; it is our subconscious. It is where all healing and disharmony originate in the physical. We came into existence remembering who we were and our connection to Creator. By age four we have forgotten that we came from Source and we have become totally immersed in the patterning and conditioning of our family/guardian unit. We have become what they created us to become. We become little people pleasers, longing for love, acceptance, validation and security. These needs drive us for our entire life until we go within, connect to the inner child who holds the limiting and damaging beliefs and provide the unconditionally loving parenting that the child needs. I will introduce you to the process of the Inner Child Work and share with you the wonderful effects that result from using it. Bring friends !
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, February 4, 2016  from 7:15 to 9:00 pm - "Angels Among Us" with Dora Joseph.
Come and share your experiences, participate in angel meditation as well as practice the "body" pendulum for communication. Angels are a part of all beliefs, for example, Gabriel is almost as well known as Michael. Called The "Great Awakener" and the "Angel of Revelation," he has appeared throughout history to those on the verge of new beginnings. Best of all, Gabriel always brings good news. In the celestial realm, Gabriel coordinates with the cherubim to make everything run smoothly. In Christianity, it was Gabriel who announced the birth of Christ to Mary. In Islam, he dictated the sacred text, the Koran, to Mohammed. In Jewish tradition, he parted the waters of the Red Sea so the Hebrews could safely escape. This is a way to access the field of endless possibilities.
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)

Thursday, January 7, 2016  from 7:15 to 9:00 pm - "ImageStreaming - The Einstein Factor" with Jean-Louis Dubé, M.Ed, Wellness Educator.
     Jean-Louis was trained by Dr. Win Wenger in Receptive Visual Technique as per Project Renaissance 15 years ago and at the Creative Problem Solving Institute, N.Y.U. at Buffalo as a learner and presenter.
     In this introduction to ImageStreaming you will learn a basic process of ImageStreaming. We will practice with real problems, questions, or challenges and you will take home results to put into practice. In the process we draw on the deeper, subconsious powers of the mind. From trying this we will solve what we ask, increase our creativity, and enhance understandings generally and specifically. There is so much under the surface, in our subconscious minds.
     Did you know the the greater part of our experiences and information are stored in our brain as sensory images? And that about 80% of our brains are involved with handling these richer, more immediate visual responses?
     In summary we can say ImageStreaming will provide immediate, reliable inspiration and answers for anyone and everyone who engages in this simple process taught by an experienced ImageStreamer!
Location: Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road (Donations Welcome)